About the Author

Evangelist Pat Torok is first of all God's servant. Wife of her beloved husband Ed of 20 years, mother of three, and grandmother to seven children living and one living with the Lord, Tessa Elise Wilson. She is in full-time music ministry and Evangelism, with a special call to missions in India. She makes no claim of being a writer, but is compelled to share her experiences in India to the best of her ability.

Pat Torok was born in 1954 in Rochester,PA.. Married Ed in 1987 and has resided in new Galilee,PA. for the past fifteen years. Her passion is for souls. Her favorite hobby is photography, and she has many inspirational pictures that can be seen by going to WebShots

  1. In the beginning
  2. On a wing and a prayer
  3. Nightmare in Bombay
  4. Destination..Tenali
  5. When nature calls
  6. Pastor Jaya Kumar and family
  7. The first service
  8. The wedding
  9. The Baptism of Sreenu
  10. Shopping spree in Tenali
  11. Crusade in Emani
  12. Dr. Rao and family
  13. The King and the cobra
  14. The Fortress
  15. Fishing with friends
  16. Church service in Vijayawada
  17. Tent Revival
  18. Saving Jeremiah
  19. Divine protection
  20. The last crusade
  21. Deliverance
  22. Last night in Tenali
  23. No chance meeting
  24. Plane crash in Taiwan
  25. Adiah's story
  26. Home sweet home
  27. For the children
  28. The harsh reality
  29. A worthy endeavor
  30. Some facts about India
  31. Some facts about Andhra Pradesh
  32. Some facts about Tenali
  33. Light of the word.
  34. Photo link to "Living water" mp3