When nature calls

When nature calls we will all heed, eventually. There is a saying When in Rome, do as the Romans do. There was no way this gal could hold it for eighty kilometers! We were on the road for about an hour when nature called. Well, I am a country girl so ducking in the bush was no big deal, but every time I would try to duck amidst the bush Dr. Raos wife Shobha would frantically drag me out in the open and tried to explain the many dangerous critters in the bush and why it was so important to be in the open.

Wild animals, poisonous snakes, poisonous lizards, ants, you name it were lurking in the bushes, too many poisonous insects and reptiles to chance! However, being sensitive to my need for a little modesty, she ever so graciously spread her skirt like a peacock guarding me from sight of the main road. She insisted I stay on the beaten path for safety. So there I was, finally feeling content yet dignified being assured I could not be seen from the road when very regrettably I was looking at the backs of two men walking away from me who could have only come from behind me! My first reaction was utter embarrassment and the next was huhthey did not even notice. They never paid me any mind or even gave a slight snicker and when I pondered over the embarrassing moment I had a very good laugh. Suffice it to say, I was cured of my shyness the very first day.

After leaving the Raos with Dr. Rao driving and Ravi and me in the back, we talked all the way to Tenali. At a certain point we passed a man casually relieving himself on the side of the road and Ravi said sowhat do you think of that? I said Ah, that is nothing, I got to moon two guys my first day here! Actually my first time ever, only the heathen do that here. I then had to explain, Mooning to him and we all had a good laugh to the point of tears. It was laughter for my weary soul and much needed relief from the events thus far. I now had a better understanding of the term Culture shock which I was warned to expect but could not relate to it until I actually experienced it for myself.