One night in a very big service in Emani village, I sang a song by Hank Williams Sr. I saw the light and how delighted I was to see their reaction to that song. I remember thinking between verses If Hank could see this, Hank are you watching? They were swaying and clapping and drumming on anything they could get their hands on. It is etched in my memory as so many things are from those days in India. Later that evening, I performed a dedication service for Jayas brothers baby whom I was asked to pick a name. I chose Hannah.

The wedding

This was a wedding held at Pastor Jaya's church the following Sunday. The man was converted to Christianity and the young girl told Pastor, although she wanted to believe and be a Christian like her husband, she felt it necessary to wait until after the wedding. Her mother and father being very devout Hindus, she was afraid that they would not allow her to marry him and bar them from their family. That is a sad truth about the division in families over religious differences. .