She had no memory of anything that happened from the time she was slain in the spirit until the time she opened her eyes, finding herself on the floor with everyone looking at her. When asked how she feels now she said I have no the memory, but I have freeness in my heart end quote!  Elizabeth began to come to church regularly and discarded all her Hindu idols. She is free indeed!

Last night in Tenali

It was a clear night and the sky was brilliant with a million stars and the temperature was tolerable. We had to go to the railway station to get our train tickets to Hyderabad, the nearest airport to Tenali. From there I would fly to Bombay to make my international flight connection.

Jaya's brother Vijay and his cousin Babu have motorbikes much like mopeds here. Jaya and I were on Vijays bike and can you imagine...three on a moped! Vijay, Jolly and Babu were on the other bike. It was a comical sight. Sometimes you can see an entire family of two adults and four children riding on a bike-like moped. All but Jolly (Jaya's best friend for seventeen years) are pastors too. As we rode through the streets of Tenali I felt so much joy, it was like a night out in the town with my brothers. It was a time to just play and have fun. The crusades were over, the Ministry was effective and it was perfectly alright to have a little fun. We drove to the train station and purchased three tickets. Jolly was coming with us to help carry my baggage, see me off and accompany Jaya on the six-hour return trip by train. We purchased our tickets for the sum of $3.50 each and decided to take the long way home. It was such a fun time. To this day, I can close my eyes and remember every moment of that evening and relive a little joy. We were laughing and racing and acting like, well, they were in their twenties and I felt like it!