Finally, I asked to go to him and asked him (through translator) if he would like to join us in the boat. His smile was a definite yes ma'am! We had bought the finest bait, in my opinion, jumbo shrimp. At one point a man came rowing over to us with his one oar on a raft made of wooden slats tied to a tire. It was probably more water worthy than what I was in.

When he got close he smiled so big and bright, and extended his arm and handed us something. It was a gift, for me, the largest shrimp I had ever seen until then. He rowed all the way to me just to offer me his best catch. It was so touching. No, I did not get any fish; all I managed to get on that day was an incredible sun burn in the matter of a couple hours.

Church service in Vijayawada

This picture was taken at a service the evening of the day we went fishing. Notice how burned my face is! I would read a passage from the Bible, and Dr. Rao would interpret it for me. After that I would just speak on that subject as the Spirit led and trusted the Lord to put the words in my mouth and anoint them with power. After the message I always let anyone who wanted to be prayed for come forth, which in many cases was everyone present. This was the second service with the Rao's. The first service was at their home church, a fairly small group of people, and I sang as I always did at the commencement of the service (not that they could understand the words but they seemed to enjoy it anyway.) After this service when the time came to pray we started the evening off with a full blown demonic manifestation.