Some Facts about Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is the fourth largest state in India by area and fifth largest by population. It is the largest and most populous state in Southern India. It is also considered the rice bowl of India. The state is intercrossed by two principal rivers, the Krishna (one of the longest rivers in India at 1300km) and Godavari (second largest river in India). Andhra means leader in battle and Pradesh means region or state. India became independent from the United Kingdom in 1947. The Muslim Nizam of Hyderabad wanted to retain his independence from India, but his state of Hyderabad was forced to become part of India in 1948 as the Hyderabad State. Andhra State was the first state in India that was formed on a purely linguistic basis by carving it out from Madras Province in 1953. Andhra State was later merged with Telugu speaking area of Hyderabad (Telangana) to create the Andhra Pradesh state in 1956. Andhra Pradesh can be broadly divided into three regions, namely Kosta (Coastal Andhra), Telangana and Rayalaseema.

Some Facts about Tenali

Tenali is a town in Guntur District in the Kosta region of Andhra Pradesh, just 30 km from Bay of Bengal. It has a population of nearly 150,000, located 16 miles south of Guntur City. Guntur City is the heart of tobacco, cotton, and is a textile industry hub. Three canals of the Krishna River flow through Tenali making it a part of the rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh. Tenali is a major railway junction connecting Guntur, Vijay Wada and Chennai (Madras) routes. Tenali is known for its rich cultural and literary legacy. It has produced many famous poets, actors and educationists. The major important villages are Angalakuduru, Burripalem, Kollur, Kuchipudi, Pedapudi, Chinaparimi,Chinaravuru, Pedaravuru, Munnangi, Kancherla Palem, Modukuru, Jampani, Yadavuru, Emani, Chivalur, Kollipara, Moparru and Chiluvur. Tenali is very green through out the year in and around Tenali. It is generally hot and humid during summer with temperatures ranging between 32-39 C. Winters are milder with temperatures between 15-23 C.