In time, with that many children; we knew it was becoming very congested and when the opportunity arose to procure some land in the nearby village of Angalakuduru, we sent the needed money for Jaya to buy the property and build a new building which was to double as an orphanage and school. We entrusted Jaya to hire a school teacher with proper credentials who agreed to work for a reasonable salary plus board.

The Harsh Reality

In September 2004, I met another pastor on-line who resided in a nearby state and we began corresponding. In fact I wanted a second opinion concerning the qualifications of the new teacher and an inspection of the new building. Since I had not been able to return to India and oversee the developments personally, I wanted someone to visit on our behalf and give us a report. If the teachers credentials were not of a stipulated certification it would mean certain dilemma when the children took their exams because even if they passed they would not graduate with a formal certificate and education was one of our primary goals. With an education they could find gainful employment and live productive lives.