Dr. Rao and family

It was now time to spend some days with the Rao's. That is Ravi beside me in the rear row. I was not there long enough to master the language, but sometimes I would mimic him with impeccable clarity. Not that I knew what he was saying, which I imagine is why everyone laughed so hard the first time I did it. To this day, I do not know what I said but everyone had a very good laugh. There were many very serious times when it came to ministry, but when we were together as a family, we shared some very lighthearted moments. There are so many interesting stories I would like to share about them, many miracles of their own by the Grace of our Lord. I will link Shohba's miracle on this page for you to read just as they have written it. Sujatha on my left, standing beside her husband who is also a pastor, told me a very interesting story that makes one shudder at the thought. I will call it the king and the cobra.

The King and the Cobra.

Sujatha and her husband live in a tribal community amidst the mountains. Her husband had gone away to carry out his Gospel work and Sujatha was home alone, home being a one room thatched hut. After finishing her domestic chores, she was bathing from a pail and was washing her hair. She felt something entangled onto her leg, when she looked down, to her horror, there was a cobra which had wrapped itself on her leg up until her knee. She knew there was no one within the sound of her voice or a weapon at her disposal, and so by faith she took the sword of the Spirit and said In the name of Jesus I command you to leave and it slid down her leg and slithered away. For about a week she still had red markings on her leg where the snake had been.