Quite contraire, I probably gloss over many details that add nothing, and God is to be praised, for he heals the sick, saves the soul and delivers those tormented by demons. There is one more story of a deliverance that I am bound to tell when I come to the time in which it happened in Tenali. I have a picture of Elizabeth (her new Christian name) and interviewed her the next day about her experience and have it on live video tape. Elizabeth tells of her experience before and after, but she has no memory of the actual deliverance. She was slain in the spirit and lost consciousness for a brief period. She said in the interview I have freeness in my heart.

Saving Jeremiah

It gives me much pleasure to tell the story of Jeremiah's salvation, especially after recounting such unpleasant details as the women at the tent revival. There was a day of well-deserved rest for me from my itinerary and then we were to go house to house/hut the following day to pray for our church members. We left around 10am that morning and began to make our rounds to the homes of our church members. But we could not just visit our believers. I was known as Friend of Jesus and the Hindu's, believing that Jesus is a God and one with power to heal and to Bless, would crowd around us and bring their children in huddles to have them Blessed. They would come out of their homes or huts and beseech us to come in and pray for a sick family member, and so we did. I went into a hut to pray for an old woman suffering with fever. I laid my hand on her forehead which was very hot. I began to pray and in an instant the fever left and was cold to touch and to God be all the Glory.

Now it was dark, late evening, and we were near the end of our street to visit and then we would be going home. It was a long but productive day. One of our stops was at Pastor Jaya's brother-in-law who was a Brahman Priest and also seriously ill besides from alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is very common in India. Even amongst the tribals, as it is very easy to make in toxic strengths from a common flower in abundance.