The next thing I knew we were landing in Detroit where I had to go through customs and change planes for Pittsburgh. My guitar was still in one piece when I landed in Detroit, but when I went to get my luggage in Pittsburgh it looked like they dropped it out of the plane! My guitar case which was a steel reinforced hard-shell case was destroyed, and the neck of my guitar which I had had since 1979 was cracked! I was not a happy camper, but the sight of my husband was so wonderful it did hold my anger at bay, somewhat. We filed a claim with North West Airlines and they assured me they would take care of it. It took seven months, but they paid to have a new neck put on my guitar and a new case.

Meanwhile, it was so good to be home, but I missed my loved ones in India and had a bad case of jet lag for about a week. As soon as I arrived I e-mailed Jaya and let him know I was home safely. Things eventually got back to normal, but I was different. My experiences in India have changed me forever.

For the Children

Shortly after I returned home from India I received an email from pastor Jaya about an orphan boy he knew of and how he had prayed to God for years for a son, to raise him as an ambassador for Christ. He wanted to raise him as his own but said he could not afford another mouth to feed. I asked him how much could it cost? He said Oh, $25.00 for food, clothing, school books, school uniforms, exams and such. I told him to get the boy and I would send him support. He wrote that he brought the boy home just before Christmas 2000, and sent me a picture of him. He even wrote a letter of thanks from the boy he named Sampson, age five.