No chance meeting

As I walked into the waiting area my attention was immediately drawn to an Indian man sitting alone who seemed, in a word, distraught. There were many people and plenty of seats in the main area, but he was sitting completely alone in the row of chairs by the window, away from the other passengers. I hesitated to bother him since it appeared he wanted to be alone, but I felt strongly led in my spirit that I needed to approach him in a subtle way. He was a handsome man in his mid thirties. I was wearing an Indian outfit with a rose on my scarf. I sat one seat apart from him and just gave a friendly smile, not flirtatious, but approachable. He started the conversation. He said, That is a beautiful dress, do you like Indian cloths? Do you live here? I told him I was here as a Gospel singer and was involved in crusades with fellow pastors from India.

I told him I was from America, the state of Pennsylvania, and I was quite surprised when he said he lived in Georgia. I asked him what brought him to India. His answer at that time was I was visiting my uncle and attended some ceremonies. I am Muslim, but I have not worshipped properly in a long time. My uncle is very devout Muslim. I nodded in agreement and then asked him if it made him uncomfortable that I am obviously Christian.

He did not answer immediately. He looked into my eyes for a long moment. His countenance was so incredibly sad but I knew I could not pry; I could only hope that he would eventually open up to me and talk. He finally spoke and said No, I dont mind. I am glad to meet you, I am Adiah. I extended my hand and said I am Patricia, very nice to meet you . We exchanged small talk for a few moments and then we were called to board the plane. We were seated at opposite ends of the plane and I could not see him. I continued to pray for him all the way to Bombay and said Lord, if my work here is not yet finished in India, let it be so, let him come to me in Bombay; if he does not, then I still ask your Blessing for him and to help him with whatever problem he is facing.

We landed in Bombay as night fell, and the airport was swarming with activity. I had to take the shuttle bus to the international terminal and I could not see him for all the people. When I got on the bus I thought to myself we are going to be crammed in like sardines! People were even standing in the aisle. I saw a hand waving in the air and it was Adiah. I was delighted to see him and he motioned for me to come and sit. The night was so hot and the air conditioning was not working. I sat down and smiled and told him how glad I was to see him again.