I pictured in my mind Jesus and the devil standing on a high mountain. Never in my life have I ever stood on such a high place where I could see as far as the eye could see. I imagined Jesus, looking out over all the Kingdoms. There I stood, thinking, in Heaven there will be only one Kingdom, the Kingdom of God, and there will be no other. No sickness, nor pain, nor sorrow, nor wars, nor anything unholy. What a day that will be!

The one thing I wanted to do in the few days I had off from ministry was to go fishing. I was staying with Dr. Rao and being the good sport that he is, he took me to the river. The first thing I saw when I got there which was completely appalling to me was a group of people sitting round a tree worshipping the tree! As a woman who believes it is wrong to worship anything or anyone but the Living God Jesus Christ it just did not sit well in my spirit. However, I have had to learn over the years not to judge others for their beliefs or how they worshipped. That is called judgment and is a sin. If those things be wrong, let God be the judge. I have lived and learned a few things since then.

Fishing With Friends

When Dr. Rao said we would rent a boat I thought he meant a boat. When the fellow pulled along side in his home-made boat made of slats of what I think was bamboo I had to think twice about getting in. I looked about for life preservers, there were none! The entire time I was in the boat I kept watching the floor for bubbles! As I looked towards the shore I noticed a fine-looking little boy fishing from the bank. I could not take my eyes off him. I kept photographing him, and I like this image so much that I have decided to use it as the cover photo for this book.