In the midst of this I was in contact with a very amiable lady in California, who has a ministry helping feed the poor and needy. While corresponding with her I made mention of this impending predicament and she said, Oh, I have a friend in India who is a medical doctor and also a pastor. She gave me his email address and I immediately emailed him of Sujathas condition and need. I informed him that if he would send her the medications I would be happy to pay for it including the shipping charges if needed. In a country the size of India, who but God knew he was only thirty-five miles away. He assured me of his co-operation, and invited Pastor Jaya Kumar and his wife to attend a graduation ceremony of the pastors of 2000 from the Progressive Faith Bible College of which he is the founder. He later examined Sujatha and gave her the medicines she required, after which he wrote to me that she would need to undergo treatment for a period of at least six months. Fortunately, his son Ravi worked for a pharmaceutical company and suggested that he could get the medications at a discounted cost, a small Blessing. Amidst all this no one knew that Sujatha was carrying, it is while I was there she visited the hospital and the doctor determined she was in her third month of pregnancy. She was very weak and anemic and it is doubtful she would have carried the baby without proper treatment. By Gods grace and proper treatment she delivered a healthy baby, Rachael Rose is now six years old.

All along pastor Jaya Kumar and ten other pastors were fasting and praying for God to bring me there. Let me just assert right away, I am not a missionary. I am a Gospel singer and Evangelist. I had never traveled outside my country and did not aspire to do so. Nevertheless, not my will but Gods will be done. I prayed to God to confirm his will to me in a way that I would be absolutely sure that it was Gods plan and no other. At that time I was employed as a switch board operator for the corporate office of a bank. It was a very anxious day at work and I prayed much of the day for God to confirm to me this was His will. On my way home that very same day, a neighbor stopped me at my driveway and said I have something for you, I have had it in my glove compartment for weeks, Ill get it for you. She knew nothing about any of the events stirring around me. She came back to my car and handed to me a small blue tweed covered hardback book written in 1899 called The Missionaries Handbook. I still have it to this day. That was the sign I was looking for, but even after I was sure it was confirmed I began to waver for the fear of the unknown. That night I lay awake praying for peace and asking for another conformation and so I said, Lord, if Dr. Rao invites me then I will know it is you. That was at 3am, and when I checked my e-mail around 8am, there was a letter from Dr. Rao asking me if I would consider spending a few days ministering in his churches while I was in India!